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CTC offers a variety of services within the multi-construction specialty including heavy equipment rental, hauling, earth-moving excavations, civil engineering, road work construction and more.


We deliver and unload your materials to your specifications.

Heavy Equipment Rental

We have the fleet at your feet with our rental services and hiring is as easy as calling and placing your order. 



For all CTC projects, a civil engineer is always at the prefront to guide and lead according to project plans and specifications in compliance with project owner and contract terms.



CTC's highly versatile equipment offers the consistent quality needed in concrete mixing and delivery.



CTC diversifies its services in providing seawall construction and infrastructure sustainment required in the Territory including the construction and installation of amour rocks and tribar revetment.

Water Tank Construction & Installation

The construction and installation of utility water tanks including water pipeline systems are also a part of CTC services.

Earth-moving Excavations

Leveling and excavations come standard and are a part of our specialty.

Road Work Construction

It's what we do best. CTC prides itself on their recently completed road construction projects and are continuing to revolutionize how it's done.

Underground Pipeline

CTC's conduit construction services for the American Samoa Government (ASG) cover an array of underground pipelining capabilities including:




Rock Crushing Quarry

With the rock crusher at its Tula Rock Quarry, CTC's services now includes crushed rocks of different sizes to meet construction aggregates specifications.

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