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CTC Foundation



The business began with a small “mom & pop” retail store and a four wheel bus in 1968 by our grandfather, late Nu’utele Tiamo Togia'i for a very short time.  Upon return from the states in 1970, his late son, Mr. Fa'asefulu & Mrs. Elisapeta Togia'i revived the small grocery store and continue operating this one four-wheel bus.  They expanded and developed the land with a variety of livestock, mainly cows and pigs and started growing produce and farming goods that were sold at the market place and in the store.  The business grew to becoming a solid retail convenience shop and increasing to a fleet of 35 buses.  At that time, it dominated transportation services on the eastern side of the island of Tutuila where it was then named Continental Transport Corporation (CTC).  The store was later named EastLand Market for its location on the eastern side of Tutuila.


With the zest to achieve more and progressing with the changes of time, the bus transportation division of the company was sold in the mid-1990s to begin the heavy equipment construction operation with one dump truck, excavator and backhoe.  Relentless years of hard work turned this investment into a full grown heavy equipment construction business, acquiring a lot more heavy equipment and machinery and added more services to our operations.  At this level, CTC is able to compete with local construction companies for federally-funded civil and infrastructure projects for the American Samoa Government (ASG).

Late Senator High Chief Togia'i Fa'asefulu &

Mrs. Elisapeta Togia'i


CTC Today

It has been 49 years and today, CTC’s third generation has elevated the status and keeping the forward momentum with additional services and innovative customer friendly products.

CTC has a number of employees and operates from 2 locations; Tula and with headquarter office in Fogagogo.  Our management staff, engineering & design specialists and production divisions are all dedicated to continuous enhancement and in finding ways to improve projects, products and services quality. 


CTC has gained extensive earthmoving, underground trenching and laying of waterlines for infrastructure development projects.  We have also successfully completed shoreline protection projects using armor rocks and fabricating our own TriBar concrete blocks, road constructions and water tank installation. 

Our greatest achievement by far is the newly-installed, tested and approved, now fully operational Tula Rock Crushing Quarry, having met all local government permitting process with ASEPA approved CTC Environmental Impact Assessment Plan.  This quarry places CTC among the short-listed of local construction aggregate suppliers with goals of providing building materials for government projects, residential homes and commercial building properties. 


Above all, to ensure smooth and steady growth of its operations, CTC makes safety a priority and encourages employees’ awareness to maintain its full compliance with all OSHA requirements. 

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